Birth & Postnatal Doula

Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum in 

Wimbledon, Clapham, Putney, Barnes, East Sheen, Mortlake, Richmond 

As your Doula, I will work by your side as you prepare to give birth, present in each moment with a spirit of love and compassion.


If you would like to work with me as your Doula, I’ll provide the emotional, educational and physical support you need not only during labour, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum as well.

My Story


I believe that every woman has the right to feel supported throughout her journey to motherhood. And every woman has the right to give birth with dignity, respect and kindness. 

I’m Bianca Kellaway, mother to two funny, kind-hearted boys and wife to my amazing husband for almost a decade. I’m also a doula and yoga teacher, deeply passionate about offering emotional and practical support to women and couples before, during and after childbirth.


I was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where I lived for 21 years before moving to London for two years where I worked in Investment Banking. I then moved to Dubai where I lived for 5 years, then back to South Africa for eight years. I recently relocated back to London, where I now work as a qualified birth and postnatal doula, Hatha Yoga teacher, children’s yoga teacher and hypnotherapist - practices that align in their naturalness and empowering capabilities. 


I haven’t had an easy journey but having not had much support throughout my childhood has made me realise how love and caring from the womb is vital to a happy, healthy upbringing and adulthood. 


In my spare time, I volunteer for ‘Neighbourhood Doulas’ which is a charity organisations that helps pregnant women in vulnerable circumstances.


To be able to give support, guidance, care, comfort in childbirth is my calling, and I would be honoured to be part of your birth journey. 


“The wisdom and compassion a woman can intuitively experience in childbirth can make her a source of healing and understanding for other women.”

—Stephen Gaskin

Why Hire a Doula ?

  • 50% less chance of having a caesarean section 

Birthing Centre
  • Reduces the length of labour by 25% 

  • Improved mother & baby wellbeing

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