Pre & Postnatal Doula

Supporting Women and Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum in

Wimbledon, Putney, Clapham,Barnes, East Sheen, Mortlake, Richmond 


A doula is an individual who provides emotional, physical and mental support during pregnancy, child birth and the postpartum period.

Short term benefits of having a Doula

  • 50% less chance of having a caesarean section 

  • Decreases the need for pain medication

  • Decreases the need for an epidural by 60%

  • Reduces the need for synthetic oxytocin by 40%

  • Reduces the length of labour by 25%

  • Increases success in breastfeeding


Long-term benefits of having a doula

The benefits of doula support do not end after the labour and birth. 

  • Better attachment and bonding between mother and baby

  • Reduced need for medical intervention

  • Reduced incidence of postpartum depression

  • Improved mother and baby wellbeing

  • Positive feelings about labour and birth

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Prenatal Visits

Antenatal Doula Support 

The power of a birth plan isn’t in the actual plan. It’s the process of becoming educated about your options. During the antenatal period, I will have two (or more) antenatal meetings with you (and your partner) at your home.


We will: 

  • Discuss your hopes for your birth

  • Explore any concerns or fears you may have

  • Discuss the birth plan that you want

  • Create a plan for self-love and me-time

  • Explore yoga and meditation 

  • Explore evidence-based information


You also get: 

  • Contact by phone or email throughout your pregnancy

  • I’ll be on-call 24/7 from 38 weeks of pregnancy 

As your doula, I will provide you (and your family) with support, information and guidance during your pregnancy and birth journey. I truly believe that birth can be an empowering experience, given the adequate resources and support which will allow you to make informed decisions.


I provide one-on-one support during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. 

My Services

Private Doula Service


Birth Doula Support

I am there to support and protect your wishes and choices, keep you informed and make you feel safe. 


For the birth, I will: 

  • Provide emotional and mental support

  • Hold the space for you

  • Remind you of your inner strength, mental abilities and the power of your breath

  • Guide you to make informed decisions should circumstances change suddenly

  • Be by your side the entire time

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Support

I can visit you one, two, three or four times a week for as long as you need me in the first six weeks of having your baby home. I also offer 6-10 weeks of postnatal support via phone and email. 


  • Together, we can debrief the birth and work through any emotions you may be holding onto

  • Should you need any medical support, I will find suitable help and arrange appointments

  • I can be an extra pair of hands by taking care of your baby and allowing you time to rest

  • Breastfeeding support


Video Services

I also provide all the above services over video. If you have to travel and need support I'm only ever a video call away.