• Bianca Kellaway

Perimenopause: Know The Signs!

I never thought that at 36 years old I would be going through perimenopause and that all the signs and symptoms have been clear as day over the last 4 years.

Unfortunately, many of us with perimenopausal symptoms are unaware of what’s happening in our bodies. We hear so much about menopause which is generally defined as 12 months since your last period, but no-one ever speaks about the perimenopause.

For me I feel it all started a few years ago where I would go through long periods of experiencing sleeping difficulties going through months of insomnia. I would have unexplained weight gain, go through long periods of anxiety and depression and just overall not feel like myself at all. I went to see numerous homeopaths, natural-paths, endocrinologists, GP’s and no-one ever mentioned that I could possibly be going through perimenopause. I was always told that the symptoms were due to the effects of my childhood and that I had PTSD. It was only about 5 months ago that it all became evident and the pieces of the puzzle started to fit together.

I have been one of those women who have always had a regular period which came ever 4 weeks on the dot and managed I to conceive 3 times without any struggle. It was after my third pregnancy which ended early due to an ectopic that changes become evident. Since then my hormones have been causing havoc.

I spent 3 months of this year dealing with dizziness, headaches, hot flushes, nausea, brain fog and low mood. The upside though, no period! My GP sent me for blood tests which confirmed that my FSH levels were sky high and this explains the symptoms. Last month I got a light period which has helped to regulate my hormones a little but it’s safe to say I am perimenopausal!

It's been a long journey of self-discovery and getting to know my body. As my 37th birthday approaches this weekend I am feeling a sense of empowerment finally knowing what it is my body is going through and more importantly how to support my body through diet, exercise and mindfulness. These changes are manageable enabling me to live a healthy, happy and joyous life.

I would highly recommend getting a copy of Perimenopower written by Katarinan Wilk-an absolute must read for anyone who feels they may be going though perimenopause.

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